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Retirement Home

Retirement homes in H-Residence are the most suitable option for seniors who wish to live a healthy and happy life after retirement.

Types of Retirement Homes in Malaysia:

Retirement homes make it easy for seniors to live out their golden years with convenience and peace of mind. Some are fully furnished, while others are semi-furnished. The fully furnished ones will have all the furniture and appliances they need to set up their own home, while the semi-furnished ones will only have basic furniture like beds and wardrobes. In senior living communities, residents have access to a variety of on-site amenities and services, including meal preparation, housekeeping, daily massage, and wellness programs. 

Independent living homes: They are apartments or houses with full facilities, such as cooking facilities, cleaning services, and other amenities. You can enjoy all the benefits of independent living while having 24-hour care if needed.

Assisted living homes: We provide care services such as bathing assistance, dressing assistance, medication reminders, and so on. The daily activities are monitored by caregivers, who ensure that residents have everything they need to live comfortably in their own home environment. In senior living communities like ours, residents benefit from personalized care and support tailored to their individual needs and preferences. 

Skilled nursing homes: They offer 24-hour nursing care for patients who need extra help with daily activities such as eating or bathing or dressing themselves after surgery or illness. The staff consists of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses who provide this type of care.

Sometimes there are also physical therapists who help with any physical therapy needs. Other times, there will be a need for occupational therapists to help with any occupational therapy needs. 

Retirees in Malaysia have the opportunity to discover the dynamic lifestyle provided by retirement communities. These must-have retirement community offer a nurturing atmosphere where seniors can participate in diverse activities, forge valuable relationships, and savor a rewarding retirement. Similarly, a retirement village presents a serene backdrop for retirees to relish their golden years, enveloped by companionship and convenient amenities. These alternatives are worth considering when mapping out your retirement in Malaysia.

Why should you choose to live in our retirement home in Malaysia?

There are plenty of options out there, but what makes our retirement home in Malaysia different?

We offer more than just a place to stay – we provide a home where your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

Our caregivers have undergone extensive training in order to provide optimum levels of customer service and ensure that our clients receive the best possible treatment from us.

Our nursings team also provides daily vital signs monitoring, first aid treatment, and physiotherapy, combining traditional medical care with modern techniques to keep you healthy and happy. Experience the difference with us – where every day feels like coming home.

We strategically position ourselves just minutes away from major hospitals, prioritizing the convenience and well-being of seniors. With easy access to medical care, our location ensures peace of mind for residents and their families, making us the ideal choice for senior living.

Consultation room

Our services include round-the-clock availability of care aides and an emergency response system, providing peace of mind and immediate assistance when needed. Additionally, we conduct daily vital signs monitoring, including blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation, and blood glucose levels, to ensure residents’ health is closely monitored.

Our seniors can indulge in a variety of activities at our facility, from karaoke sessions and mahjong games to relaxing massages in our dedicated massage rooms. Our cafeteria also offers delicious meals and snacks for residents to enjoy. With a range of amenities available, there’s something for everyone to relish at our senior living community.

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