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Elderly care in Malaysia is a growing problem, with almost half of the country’s population over 60 years old. As the population ages and people live longer, their needs for elder care nursing homes, and other services will continue to rise.

As demand increases, so does competition. When you’re looking for an elderly care home, look for one that can offer personalized care in a safe environment.

Recognizing that it’s time for a elderly care home

There will be mixed feelings when it comes to making the decision to enroll your elderly loved ones in an elderly care nursing home.

Some tell signs include:

Safety of the elderly is at risk

You’ve hurt yourself trying to help them

Your other responsibilities are being neglected and creating problems for family

You’re feeling extreme burnout

Personal relationship is suffering

Elderly’s condition is getting more serious

Don’t be afraid to take the next step and search for a suitable nursing home or elderly care centre. It could be inevitable for the betterment of you or your loved ones’ quality of life and health.

We’re one of the best providers of elderly care in Malaysia

Our nursing home provides high-quality care for seniors and has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as an exemplary residential facility for the elderly.

Our elder care nursing home may be what you need when your elderly loved one needs full-time help, which the family members can no longer fulfill due to commitments of their own.

We provide not only personal care services but also nursing care and keep our residents’ medication schedules in check. In fact, we maintain a low staff-to-patient ratio to ensure that every resident gets personalized attention.

Our elderly care home is situated in beautiful locations, close to family and friends, so you can visit your loved ones whenever you want.

The residence care in our elderly care centre

At our centre, we ensure that our facilities cater to the needs of the seniors, which include grab rails along corridors and in bathrooms, wheelchair-friendly ramps, and others.

Besides that, our caregivers are trained to help seniors with dementia and other cognitive issues live safely at our elderly care centre. We will constantly perform health checks and monitor the conditions of our residents, including medication management. If needed, we will arrange for doctor and physiotherapist visits for them.

Other than that, our in-house cook will prepare five meals daily and ensure that they meet the dietary needs of our residents, including specially blended food if required.

The rooms are fully furnished and designed for safety without sharp corners. We provide linen and housekeeping services too.

Here, we also encourage our residents to perform daily simple motion exercises to strengthen the body and lead a healthy lifestyle. We also offer a range of activities to keep your loved one busy and active, including arts and crafts, singing, dancing classes, etc. Your elderly can also play some board games or mahjong to stimulate their minds.

We have multiple locations throughout Malaysia, so we can offer you peace of mind knowing that your loved one will always be close by. Enquire now.

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